Saturday, September 26, 2015

Clouds and Cupcakes

Collette and Paisley show off their new outfits while taking the dogs for a walk.

Collette's outfit was featured last time; now it's Paisley's turn! Her raspberry and aqua cupcake ensemble goes great with her hair.

When they get too warm and take off their hats and sweaters, this is what is underneith. Paisley is wearing a one-piece dress, while Collette has on t-shirt and skirt separates.

Since I love to do embroidery, I thought I would try it on the neckline of their tops. Looks good! Next I plan to use it on some white dreses, with embroidered flowers at the neckline and hemline.

These Blythe dolls are Mandy Cotton Candy and Coco Collette.

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